The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1764 - 1767

Surplus Enjoyment as a Strategy of Consumption of the Postmodern Subject

Authors : Alexey B. Lebedev and Ekaterina S. Pankova

Abstract: The study analyzes the problem of enjoyment (jouissance) in transition from modernity society to postmodernity society. Two models of the subject, such as “the knowing subject” and “the enjoying subject”, have been formulated as a result of historical and philosophical analysis. The researchers emphasize that the articulation of enjoyment is associated with the modern body articulation through repressive social practices. In postmodernity, the phenomenon of enjoyment is problematized as an external consumer strategy of pleasure which determines the subject. Enjoymentget object if it is removed from the sphere of the inner, subjective to the surface, it becomes an Explicit Law of social being. Enjoyment becomes inevitable, outer, objectified in relation to the subject itself. Man as a real historical subject loses social responsibility for the production of his own individuality and identity and becomes a consumer of ready-to-use mechanisms of identification and satisfaction. Thus, enjoyment takes an alienating form of pleasure strategy and the subject imagines enjoyment rather than actually derives it.

How to cite this article:

Alexey B. Lebedev and Ekaterina S. Pankova, 2015. Surplus Enjoyment as a Strategy of Consumption of the Postmodern Subject. The Social Sciences, 10: 1764-1767.

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