The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1862 - 1867

Sociological View on “Patriotic” Practices and Interests of the Young People (by Way of Example of Historic Reconstruction)

Authors : Albina R. Garifzyanova

Abstract: In this study, the reseacher makes an attempt to analyze life strategies, cultural interests and practices of a concrete youth group not from a position of subcultural theories but from view that today different representatives of different youth subcultures identify themselves with certain interests and scenes including patriotic ideas. It is the case of the orthodox military-patriotic club “Rus” that used to situate in the territory of the church. This united youth organization never better demonstrates the principal for the study idea such as consolidation of different young people around cultural or scene. In this case-study, the youth group was supported by the representatives of such social institute as church. The basic method was the case-study which implies participant observation in the target environment (during a month in 2012), in this case, it is a matter of the youth solidarity (club). The characteristic feature of the youth association under consideration is the combination of cultural practices and interests from different, as it would seem, spheres: religion, ardour for history, religiousness, patriotic moods and subcultural strategies. Thus, the considered youth scene is not amounted to only one sphere of historical fencing and includes the representatives of nationalist turned youth, people of working profession (endnote 12), devotees of history, sportsmen and also the music scene. Important for consolidation is the co-begin that becomes apparent in senses of value, is displayed in argumentation of choices, practices and interests: it is interest in historical fencing, making armour, blacksmith’s work, sympathy with heathenism, history, music and no doubt, nationalist views, partly anticonsumerism attitude to money, patriarchal views, attitude to the state critical enough, on the one hand but there is sympathy with authority, on the other hand.

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Albina R. Garifzyanova , 2015. Sociological View on “Patriotic” Practices and Interests of the Young People (by Way of Example of Historic Reconstruction). The Social Sciences, 10: 1862-1867.

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