The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1877 - 1880

Muslim Education in Tatarstan as the Factor of Common Civil Russian Identity Development

Authors : Reseda G. Galihuzina

Abstract: The development of Islam in Russia is determined by the level of Muslim education. Muslim education in Tatarstan, as a social institution had deep roots training Muslim clergy and spreading religious values, providing the knowledge about Islam. After the implementation of atheism policy during the Soviet period of the Russian State, there was the break of traditions in the system of Islamic education which predetermined the organizational complexities of the Islamic Revival in Post-Soviet Russia. The development of madrasas network in the late 90s of the XXth century in Tatarstan took place with the support of the Islamic world (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey and others) guiding the teachers, providing textbooks, taking the visitors from Russia who wanted to receive religious education abroad. The external influence on the process of muslim identity development in Tatarstan can not be assessed unequivocally, it had both positive and negative results. The study reveals the peculiarities of Islamic education system development in Tatarstan at the present stage, the possibility of using the potential of Islamic education levels in the formation and strengthening of general civil Russian identity. The steps of religious leader multi-level training system preparation are described. The conclusion is made that the formation of Muslim intellectuals layer who own centuries old Islamic traditions, developing the work at the local level within the framework of the traditional Tatar Islam will promote the harmonization of inter-confessional relations. The establishment within the Muslim education system concerning personnel, intellectual and organizational basis for the prevention of extremist behavior will strengthen all Russian civic identity.

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Reseda G. Galihuzina , 2015. Muslim Education in Tatarstan as the Factor of Common Civil Russian Identity Development. The Social Sciences, 10: 1877-1880.

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