The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1891 - 1895

The Structure and Content of the Module “Research and Experimental Activities of a Teacher”

Authors : Nadezhda N. Savina

Abstract: The study considers the problem of a future teacher preparation to a professional research. The focus is on the results of the following module structure and content development: “Research and experimental activity of a teacher”. The structure of the module includes the basic disciplines (“The research activity of a teacher” and “Experimental work in educational institution”) and divergent disciplines (“Organization of research activity among pupils”, “Educational diagnosis", “Research culture and professional growth of a teacher”) as well as the program of educational and research practice, the implementation of which involves the network interaction of a university and a secondary school. The study experience of future teacher preparation practice for professional and research activities at a university shows that the structure and the disciplines of the module are designed for the first time, and differ by innovative nature in respect of the system, structural-operational and competence approaches for the module development, the introduction of teaching and research practices in it through a network interaction with secondary schools.

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Nadezhda N. Savina , 2015. The Structure and Content of the Module “Research and Experimental Activities of a Teacher”. The Social Sciences, 10: 1891-1895.

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