The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1932 - 1934

Converging Innovations in the Modern Humanitarian Science

Authors : Margarita G. Bogatkina, Elena S. Doroschuk and Ramis R. Gazizov

Abstract: The study considers the issue of converging innovations as the ‘growth point’ of the modern science. The description of the existing trends in performance of the converging studies is provided. It is noted that understanding of convergence is often interpreted narrowly and is reduced to the issue of the intra-disciplinary convergences. It is substantiated that in terms of methodology the concept of convergence suggests transition to another level of research works based on the application of the interdisciplinary system-integrated methods, approaches and techniques. It is this attitude that results in the change of the scientific paradigm of the modern scientific knowledge. The necessity of the comprehensive theoretical-methodological approach to the study of interdisciplinary convergence is pointed out. The three-layered model of methodology of the converging studies is proposed that is being currently formed in the sphere of humanitarian sciences. The concept of the general ground for implementation of the interdisciplinary approaches at the first and second levels of the methodological model is substantiated. The concept of the reasonable ground for supplementation of the general scientific methods and specific techniques on the third methodological level is introduced. The possible results of the practical application of the proposed concept of methodology of the converging innovations are based on: the concept of the system-integrated approach to the process of converging developments as such in unity of the three methodological levels from the universal-theoretical to the specific-technological (methodological) one; on the understanding of the ‘reverse process’ when integration of the results of the third, specific level of methodology becomes the basis for substantiation of the new theoretical concepts of the fundamental level of interdisciplinary convergence.

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Margarita G. Bogatkina, Elena S. Doroschuk and Ramis R. Gazizov, 2015. Converging Innovations in the Modern Humanitarian Science. The Social Sciences, 10: 1932-1934.

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