The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 2071 - 2076

Training of Future Bachelors of Psycho-Pedagogical Education on Prevention of Child Violence in the Family

Authors : V.I. Spirina, M.L. Spirina and E.V. Romashina

Abstract: The study is devoted to one of actual and urgent issues of modern Russia a problem of domestic violence. The need of society for protection of the child against domestic violence is a powerful factor in finding ways to provide skilled qualified care to families and children. At present, the professional assistance to children, victims of various forms of violence, endures an initial stage of the formation although, there is a unique experience of functioning of the crisis centers, shelters for injured women and children. The researchers conclude that for the implementation of these programs the trained staff is needed. The study focuses on the fact that, the study of the state condition of training of future bachelors of psycho-pedagogical education in pedagogical higher educational institution doesn’t provide the required level of competence in the field of prevention of domestic violence against the child and overcoming of its consequences which can lead to the formation of gaps in future psycho pedagogical activity. It is noted in the study that, the real mechanism of the prevention and overcoming of consequences of domestic violence against children is preventive work of the bachelor of psycho-pedagogical education which should be carried out on macro-mesa and micro levels in various directions. The researchers conclude that the effectiveness of training students for this activity is provided by the introduction into the practice of the pedagogical higher educational institution the model of formation at future bachelors of professional competences in the field of prevention of violence against children in the family describing conceptual base framework, targets of the vocational training, the content of the professional education, pedagogical technologies and the pedagogical monitoring providing immediate diagnostics diagnosis and correction of vocational training in the studied area.

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V.I. Spirina, M.L. Spirina and E.V. Romashina, 2015. Training of Future Bachelors of Psycho-Pedagogical Education on Prevention of Child Violence in the Family. The Social Sciences, 10: 2071-2076.

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