The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 8
Page No. 2157 - 2166

Philosophical Foundations of Education at the Kazakh Languages by Aiding Communicative Methods

Authors : Marzhan Moldakassymovna Duisenova

Abstract: This study considers the looking from a philosophical point of view the interactive technology and tiered developing Kazakh language teaching primary school pupils through the method of linguistic communication, content and teaching methods, formed in the education system, the values determined by the formation of new practical ways that could lead to a novel qualitative level and solving the problem. In the formation of the communicative competence of elementary school students would be to pay attention to other competencies. It helps to understand the motives and needs socialization of students, the development of their cognitive abilities and participate in language relations arising from different situations. Communicative competence is the potential of its own in pupils creative language activity. In the study is presented the Kazakh language teaching in primary school communicative method. The purpose of learning communicative method-personal development; effective psychological development of the child, his self-education, expansion and growth of language skills and vocabulary; socialization of children; the adoption of the laws of life in the social environment; analyzed the development of vocabulary richness of the language that forms the erudition to ensure continued improvement of education of the child.

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Marzhan Moldakassymovna Duisenova , 2015. Philosophical Foundations of Education at the Kazakh Languages by Aiding Communicative Methods. The Social Sciences, 10: 2157-2166.

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