The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 8
Page No. 2188 - 2193

Peculiarities of Expression of the Gender Aspect in the Russian Dialects of the Republic of Mordovia

Authors : A.Y. Maslova and T.I. Mochalova

Abstract: Ones of the important criteria of evaluation and understanding of the essence of human itself are the age, gender, marital status which determines the stereotype behavior patterns, the attitude of the members of a dialect community to him. The particular group of the phraseological units is formed from the components relating to nomination of human in terms of the gender reference. The study considers the gendered-marked phraseological units used in the Russian dialects of the Republic of Mordovia. The hyponymic relations with in the gender topical groups of the dialectal phraseology are analyzed; the component content of the dialectal phraseological combinations is analyzed from the semantic perspective which allowed describing the phraseological nominations by the age, by degree of kinship, by ethnicity, by the social status, nominations-anthroponyms, axiological nominations. In the Russian dialects of Mordovia the phraseological combinations are presented that represent the stereotyped images of a man and a woman as carriers of the socially assigned properties and qualities at that the physical health, ability to work, maintain housekeeping, provide future generations traditionally play the leading role. Such traits as waste of time, unsociability, bad (nasty) temper, dissolute life are being negatively characterized the consciousness of the dialect carriers. Retreat from the established social principles and moral fundamentals results in blaming men and women in the society, explains the wide spread of nominations with negative evaluation.

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A.Y. Maslova and T.I. Mochalova, 2015. Peculiarities of Expression of the Gender Aspect in the Russian Dialects of the Republic of Mordovia. The Social Sciences, 10: 2188-2193.

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