The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 8
Page No. 2199 - 2205

Role of Media Culture in National Historical Preservation

Authors : Ulbossyn M. Yessenbekova

Abstract: The study aims at identifying and research of a media culture role as a source to restore and preserve national traditions to give to future generations the information of the historic and culturalpast of a nation or the human kind in general. Through an example of Kazakhstan television programmes, qualitative attributes of TV materials, intended to promote national values have been identified. There are recommendations to enrich the content of television programmes that deal with culture and history. In an analysis of television programme archival releases, methods of general science have been used. Materials for the study included a series of TV programmes under the general title of the Television Expedition Trip “Silk Road”. Materials are kept by the Kazakhstan Television Video Recording Archive. Other archival recordings from the early 1990's have been used too. The conclusion is that the Television Expedition Trip “Silk Road” should be continued, paying where possible, close attention to the above-mentioned qualitative attributes to develop in future generations undistorted ideas of their homeland their nation, its historical past and present. Practical effect and originality of findings are its contribution into understanding of efficiency for reforms in a field of television broadcasting in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Ulbossyn M. Yessenbekova , 2015. Role of Media Culture in National Historical Preservation. The Social Sciences, 10: 2199-2205.

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