The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Page No. 2225 - 2230

Political Discourse as the Subject Transgressive Intention

Authors : Galina S. Melnik, Boris Ya. Misonzhnikov and Alla N. Teplyashina

Abstract: The study is devoted to identify the category of tactical media which are now coming to play an important role in the processes of political mobilization and to address the problem of formation of tactical media, their role, functions and goals in the global information space. Tactical media are cost-effective and technologically advanced means of communication that are created for political campaigns and actions. This type of media are claiming as to be a public control tool over the actions of the authorities, declaring the purpose of opposition and criticism of the existing positions of power and warning the public about its anti-people activities and illegal reallocations values. The definition of “tactical” emphasizes mobility which gives superiority over such “strategic” players as big business and the state. Tactical media often increase the risk of human participation in the destructive social epidemics. However, the media have a tactical and positive potential to overcome the process of demoralization and show the audience a positive and constructive life scenarios. The research is about the analysis and systematization of the structural components of tactical media. This will allow developing approaches to the implementation of effective communication strategies aimed at neutralizing the destructive actions of tactical media and information security of the state and citizens. Objects are tactical media in most advanced countries and Russia.

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Galina S. Melnik, Boris Ya. Misonzhnikov and Alla N. Teplyashina, 2015. Political Discourse as the Subject Transgressive Intention. The Social Sciences, 10: 2225-2230.

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