The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Page No. 2300 - 2305

Social Education of Students in School Labour Unions

Authors : Rashida G. Gabdrakhmanova

Abstract: The most important task of any state is economic development of its country. This task can be realized by the competitive socialized young generation which is committed to strength and prosper their country by labor. The competitive formation of the socialized personality is contributed by school labor unions. The aim of the study is revealation of pedagogical conditions in effective social education of schoolchildren in the school labor unions. This research used theoretical and empirical methods: theoretical analysis of literature of the selected issue, a review of experience of practice teaching (school social upbringing, the experience of social education in the school labor unions, the experience of using folk traditions in schools, experience of organization and implementation of socially approved creative projects, experience of economic education in school, etc.), learning documentation on the organization of school labor associations, pedagogical experiment, interview, survey, questionnaires, etc. We have studied the experience of teaching practice in secondary schools social education of school children in school labor associations during the process of our research. We defined criteria and corresponding indicators of social education of schoolchildren in the school labor unions. Were revealed potential of school labor unions that promote social education of schoolchildren and identified pedagogical conditions which contribute the social education of the schoolchildren in the school labor unions. The results of formative experiment showed that the experimental group of school children now had deeper knowledge of generally accepted norms of behavior as well as economic knowledge, folk traditions knowledge, situation of the economic-production sphere of the Republic. Schoolchildren have increasing level of discipline, independence, responsibility, activity. Schoolchildren have a big desire to participate in socially approved productive life. Indicators of socialization’s high level rose by 6.4% while in the control group the level of socialization is just 36%. The study will be useful for: researchers of problems of social and labor education; for practitioners, who organizes educational work, labour activity of students in the school labor unions.

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Rashida G. Gabdrakhmanova , 2015. Social Education of Students in School Labour Unions. The Social Sciences, 10: 2300-2305.

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