The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Page No. 2311 - 2315

The Emotional State of HIV Positive

Authors : Z. Madaliyeva and R. Kassymova I. Rogasheva

Abstract: This study reviews issues concerning description and study of emotional conditions of HIV-positive people. Study of this problem gives possibility to reveal peculiarities of emotional field of HIV-positive people which facilitate their adaptation to the fact of their viral state, to overcome life crisis, to mobilize and effectively utilize compensatory mechanisms to fight the disease. Description and study emotional states of HIV-positive people influencing on ability of an organism to adapt to circumstances and facilitating stabilization of psychic condition. Empirical study was passing on the base of city and regional centers on prophylaxis of AIDS in Almaty and Issyk cities. Beck depression test, Gissen somatic questionnaire, Spielberger-Hanin arousal test, method of evaluation of subjective relation to the disease of Serdyuk, unfinished sentences of Sydney-Sacchs, test of operative evaluation of well-being, activeness, mood “SAN” and Bass-Darkey aggressiveness test. HIV positive people are in need of psychological work during whole course of disease. The main target of psychological correctional work in HIV positive people must be emotional condition of the patient.

How to cite this article:

Z. Madaliyeva and R. Kassymova I. Rogasheva, 2015. The Emotional State of HIV Positive. The Social Sciences, 10: 2311-2315.

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