The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Page No. 444 - 448

Organizational and Pedagogical Education Terms for Disabled Persons at Universities

Authors : Aliya Tahirzyanovna Fajzrahmanova

Abstract: The study deals with the organizational and pedagogical terms necessary for successful implementation of inclusive practices at universities. These terms include: the creation of the legal framework for the teaching of disabled students at a university; the gradual inclusion of disabled persons in inclusive education; the creation of an adaptive educational environment; the psycho-pedagogical support of disabled persons; the use of special methods and organizational forms of education; the development of an inclusive culture among all participants of the educational process. The problems of inclusive education legal regulation are studied. The issues of inclusive education support are studied for the students with special educational needs, the organization of pre-university training and vocational guidance. The necessity of an adapted educational environment is revealed, including the use of the assistive technologies in the educational process. The issues concerning the need for an educational organization of the higher education structural unit responsible for the trainingof disabled persons are considered.

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Aliya Tahirzyanovna Fajzrahmanova , 2015. Organizational and Pedagogical Education Terms for Disabled Persons at Universities. The Social Sciences, 10: 444-448.

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