The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 8
Page No. 1848 - 1854

Abstract: The study highlights the factors that have the greatest influence on the development of socio-economic systems. It is proved that in these circumstances is not enough only to direct efforts to ensure the functioning of the socio-economic systems of any level it is necessary to ensure their sustainable development. This is especially true of businesses where registration, compilation and analysis of information is a time-consuming procedure, requiring tight control of subordinate structures from a single center. Such socio-economic systems are enterprise of tourist and recreational sector. The study presents a methodology of modeling and structuring of a control system of tourist and recreation areas on the basis of elements of neural network theory. This is done keeping environmental factors on mega, macro and meso levels the internal state of the managed system, accuracy of control action management system. The proposed methodology allows to increase the quality of business management of resort and recreational complex at the expense of a more flexible response to changes in the parameters of internal and external environment.

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Rena R. Timirgaleeva, Igor Yu. Grishin, Aleksandr V. Gaydatov, Vladimir A. Sajranov, Marija V. Sajranova, Elena N. Potehina, Marina V. Kazakovtseva, Irina V. Smirnova and Evgeny I. Tsaregorodtsev, 2016. Modern Approach to Management of the Socio Economic Systems Development. The Social Sciences, 11: 1848-1854.

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