The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 2035 - 2041

Semantics of Organization with a Quranic Approach

Authors : Ebrahim Kalantari and Alireza Nobari

Abstract: In the present day due to the complexity of human relationships organization which is a shortenedversion for companies, factories, ministries, universities, etc. plays a key role in the type of relations and consequently the formation of human personality. Identifying the constraints and inherent complications affecting the nature of the organization provides a clear vision for planning and taking advantage of the organizational capabilities. Since, the organization requires a specific definition based on each school of thought, identifying the constraints of definition from a Quranic perspective has been discussed in this study. For this purpose, the verses which refer to the systematic divine organization and some illustrative narratives have been used. According to the Quranic approach to human beings and their relationships, definition of the organization from this perspective has a substantive difference relative to other schools and explaining its constraints based on verses has been also mentioned.

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Ebrahim Kalantari and Alireza Nobari, 2016. Semantics of Organization with a Quranic Approach. The Social Sciences, 11: 2035-2041.

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