The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 2066 - 2072

Effect of a Period of Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises with Green Tea Consumption on Cortisol Hormone

Authors : Naghmeh Naseri, Shahla Hojjat and Asghar Khaledan

Abstract: Due to lack of complete information about the effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercises with green tea supplementation on cortisol hormone, the current study was conducted by investigating the effect of a period of selected aerobic and anaerobic exercises (resistance) with the consumption of green tea on cortisol hormone in male athletes with 20-35 years. The 60 male athletes that with (age mean 26.30 and standard deviation 10.73 and weight mean 71.68 and standard deviation 12.47) were selected and randomly divided into 6 groups: Group: aerobic exercise with green tea, group aerobic exercise, group: anaerobic exercise (resistance) with green tea, group: anaerobic exercise (resistance), group: only green tea and group: only did their exercises (control). Each 6 group of protocol of 8 weeks that include: exercises are in 2 types, aerobic exercise (aerobics) which with 65-75% of maximum heart rate and anaerobic exercises (resistance exercises) that implement working with weight by 60-70% of a the maximum repeat. The experimental group during the study, 3 days a week received 200 mL of green tea. Before exercises and 8 weeks after the last training session, participants were taken blood sample in fasting state. Inferential statistics was used for one-way ANOVA in addition to all the hypotheses; Tukey post hoc test was used. As well as it was used in the significant level (p = 0/05). Results showed that although resting CORT values increased in all groups but statistically isn’t significant so the hypothesis is rejected but to point out that the greatest increase in the aerobic exercise and after is has been in the control group. It can be concluded that green tea consumption with resistance exercise and resistance exercise on resting levels of CORT has significant and different effect of aerobic exercise and green tea. The results showed that doing aerobic exercises, anaerobic (resistance), aerobic and resistance with green tea may effect increase of CORT and some other factors of oxidative stress and inflammation.

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Naghmeh Naseri, Shahla Hojjat and Asghar Khaledan, 2016. Effect of a Period of Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises with Green Tea Consumption on Cortisol Hormone. The Social Sciences, 11: 2066-2072.

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