The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 2123 - 2128

Sociologic Explanation of Sport Participation and National Confidence

Authors : Mohammad Reza Niknezhad, Sayed Ghasem Ghorban Zadeh Zafarani and Amir Dana

Abstract: Confidence is a form of social relationships which stabilizes the social order so that social order is established on the basis of rules and regulations and community members are supposed to observe these rules and this would not be possible unless confidence is developed throughout the community. Therefore, the present study aims at sociological explanation of the relationship between participation in public sport and championship sport and strengthening the national confidence from the viewpoints of sport and non-sport managers of the provinces. The present study is a survey in administration. The statistic sample of this study were 50 sport managers and 50 non-sport managers who were 100 people altogether (Statistic population wasthesame as statistic sample). The data collection tool in this research was a questionnaire. For assessing the validity, inter-item correlation method and also Cronbach’s alpha were used. Data analysis was carried out by means of SPSS. Data analysis indicates that the functions of public sport and championship sport on the components of national confidence are significantly different. Therefore, the sport participation variable could affect the national confidence. Correlation coefficient between national confidence components (personal confidence, generalized confidence, institutional confidence) and the public and championship sport is significant and there is a positive and direct correlation between participation in championship sport and national confidence (p = 0.05) on the whole, social factors have a sort of relationship with sport which through focusing on the national confidence as one of the basic components of the social capital have a considerable role in enriching the transaction of and interaction between humans and has a tight relationship with a series of social relationships.

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Mohammad Reza Niknezhad, Sayed Ghasem Ghorban Zadeh Zafarani and Amir Dana, 2016. Sociologic Explanation of Sport Participation and National Confidence. The Social Sciences, 11: 2123-2128.

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