The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 2200 - 2205

Brand Credibility and Brand Prestige on Influencing Purchase a Mobile Brand

Authors : Fariz Taheri Kia

Abstract: Studies in recent years have been under the influence of brand. The main objective of this study investigates how the impact of brand credibility and brand prestige on willingness to purchase it and experimentally researches that how the combined mechanism of prestige and credibility of the brand is conducted in the group of mobile phone productions.The proposed modelis influenced by Two independent variables (brand credibility and brand prestige) on five mediator variables (commitment, perceived quality, trust, and perception of current risk, information leading to cost saving) anda dependent variable (the willingness to purchase the brand). The research methodhas been applied objectively and methodologically has been survey-experimental. Used analysis method isused to investigate the relationships between the model components of the structural equation modeling method. The research consisted of 13 hypotheses; population has beenthe undergraduate and graduate students in business management. The sample size has been 363 people and research is conducted in 2012. The 4 hypotheses are rejected, eight hypothesesis accepted of raised hypotheses. Impact of brand credibilityon the elements of the model has been accepted. But, the prestige of brand has had a positive impact. Among the media TOR variables just commitment, perceived quality and information leading to cost saving have had an impacton the willingness of customer to repurchase.

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Fariz Taheri Kia , 2016. Brand Credibility and Brand Prestige on Influencing Purchase a Mobile Brand. The Social Sciences, 11: 2200-2205.

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