The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 2266 - 2272

Time Worldview of the Kazakh People

Authors : K.S. Kulmanov, B.S. Abduova and A.T. Ashenova

Abstract: In the ancient time the nomadic way of life of Kazakh people defined many things in their worldview. Such knowledge took a huge place in people’s life. In most cases it was connected with nature secrets. The nomadic way of life reflected the width and boundlessness of the Kazakh steppe. From such original movement in space the Kazakh people had special impressions about steppe life. According to a context of time and space certain ethnoses and unified national groups formed huge heritage of oral and written creativity, mythological and language materials about world around and about ancient beliefs. This is proved by the rich folklore and fiction which is extant up today. Ancient text language materials are considered as definition means of ethno-cultural development of the people and are an important aspect of knowledge. For mankind the true reality is represented identically and the complete picture of the world for representatives of different language groups is unified too. Nevertheless native speakers describe, call and learn universe space in own way according to their thinking and peculiar perception of the world. As a result, expression of thoughts of representatives of a certain language is formed according to the their language worldview. Therefore it is considered quite natural that in worldview of various people there is also an identical reflection of the universal phenomena, and also national color can be seen inherent only in one of languages. Each ethnos learns the world on the and creates peculiar “a language picture of the world”. All this reflection of national feature therefore it leans on national cultural bases, after all and development of a civilization also inseparable phenomenon from language. The national culture and national language means are uniform. Language and culture from the sources of development of a civilization is the phenomena existing in harmony and compliance. The concept of time has huge value for mankind for a long time.

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K.S. Kulmanov, B.S. Abduova and A.T. Ashenova, 2016. Time Worldview of the Kazakh People. The Social Sciences, 11: 2266-2272.

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