The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 10
Page No. 2421 - 2424

The Reign of Ivan the Terrible: From “Patrimonial State” to “Composite Monarchy”

Authors : T.I. Lipich, V.V. Penskoy, V.V. Lipich and T.M. Penskaya

Abstract: The study touches upon a new and original point of view on the problems of the evolution of different ways in the Russian State management in the late 15-16th centuries that were determined by the evolution of the Russian statehood itself and by social institutions connected with it. On the basis of the “patrimonial” and “composite” concepts the researchers (Pipes and Elliott) suggest to look at the state machinery development of Russia. They also suggest to look at the administrative and managerial aspects related to the Russian state from another point of view. Researchers hypothesize that the Ivan the terrible epoch had a kind of great “revolution” with unexpected and unpredictable consequences for initiators. That “revolution” was connected with the necessity to develop the customary administrative practice the state was engaged into during that time. The administrative practice was appropriate to the patrimonial state structure but it stopped to accord with time interests during the transformation to the composite state structure. During that transformation the small-numbered but relatively modern and effective state machine started to research together with enough traditional and archaism local administration machinery. Herewith the administrative practice both in central and remote places was quite differ and in order to pull them together and to make the management easier some steps were undertaken. The truth of these steps will be learnt more detailed but the management transformations consequences of the mid-16th century let us state that this “rapprochement” became successful enough and at the same time it promoted the ending of the “patrimonial” state and pushed the process of the “composite” state transformation on.

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T.I. Lipich, V.V. Penskoy, V.V. Lipich and T.M. Penskaya, 2016. The Reign of Ivan the Terrible: From “Patrimonial State” to “Composite Monarchy”. The Social Sciences, 11: 2421-2424.

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