The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 11
Page No. 2769 - 2776

Factors Influencing Passengers’ Attitude and Adoption Intention of Mobile Taxi Booking Application

Authors : William Eng Yong Keong

Abstract: Mobile apps have been applied to financial services, airline booking services, shopping and the revolutionary service on taxis ordering. This result service level can be improved in terms of shorter time for passengers to have their orderings confirmed by the taxi driver. The Mobile Taxi Ordering (MTO) apps enable passenger to view taxi availability based on their current location. Further, passengers able to review their drivers and see driver review before confirming a ride. However, taxi passengers’ complaints about Malaysian taxi drivers regarding refused journeys and unmetered charges at popular taxi stands across Klang valley Malaysia are on the rise. There is a need to conduct a study on MTO adoption among passengers. Therefore, this research tries to fill the gaps on MTO adoption intention research by attempting to identify the factors which predict the rate of adoption intention of MTO in Malaysia. This study reviews the literature on MTO adoption and used a theoretical framework and had identified the critical five individual factors to capture a complete picture of MTO adoption intention. Using a survey method, data were collected from 368 sampled respondents from Klang valley area. Results showed that all five individual factors were found to play important role in the adoption intention of MTO apps. The result contributes to a deeper understanding of the individual factors that promote the use of MTO in the Malaysian.

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William Eng Yong Keong , 2016. Factors Influencing Passengers’ Attitude and Adoption Intention of Mobile Taxi Booking Application. The Social Sciences, 11: 2769-2776.

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