The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 11
Page No. 2897 - 2901

Assessing the Effect of Waterfront Development in Malaysia

Authors : M.Y. Azlina, O. Abdul Jalil, R. Rohaizan and M.R. Mohd. Najib

Abstract: A waterfront development is already a well-established phenomenon internationally. Waterfront redevelopment in Malaysia has taken place over the last twenty years. Many issues abounded when a city decided to transform its vacant or underused waterfront areas. Some waterfront development projects have successfully included waterfront attraction projects, but many others have not succeeded. Therefore, this study aims to examine the effect of waterfront development in Malaysia. The findings of this study were based on interviews conducted within three case study areas: Kuching’s Riverfront, Malacca’s Waterfront, and Glennmarie Cove Riverfront. The results showed that the development of waterfront development have several effects, both positive and negative sides. Improving riverbank beautification and landscape and increasing environmental problem such as water pollution and flooding were identified as a main effects derived from waterfront development in the particular case study areas. Therefore, maximizing waterfront benefits is important for maintaining the economic value of waterfront areas.

How to cite this article:

M.Y. Azlina, O. Abdul Jalil, R. Rohaizan and M.R. Mohd. Najib, 2016. Assessing the Effect of Waterfront Development in Malaysia. The Social Sciences, 11: 2897-2901.

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