The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 13
Page No. 3279 - 3285

The Development Worldview of the Ban Nua Community in Hatyai, Thailand

Authors : Mohd Shukri Hanapi

Abstract: The Ban Nua Muslim community is situated in the middle of the Buddhist community in Hatyai, Thailand. Although, it is a small group placed in such a predicament, it is still able to implement various development programs either in the form of physical or spiritual development. Hence, it is evident that there exists a particular model that develops the Ban Nua community. This model refers to the worldview that has become an avenue for practicing humankind’s beliefs. The question is what kind of model designs their development. How did their development model form? In order to answer both these questions, this working study had two objectives. The first was to determine the model that designed the Ban Nua Muslim community’s development. The second was to analyse the elements of the development model used for the Ban Nua Muslim community. Lastly, this study found that the Ban Nua Muslim community’s development was designed according to Islamic worldview. It had three main elements such as ‘Ibadah (religious obligations), ‘Imarah (develop on earth) and khalifah (vicegerent on earth).

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Mohd Shukri Hanapi , 2016. The Development Worldview of the Ban Nua Community in Hatyai, Thailand. The Social Sciences, 11: 3279-3285.

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