The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 13
Page No. 3341 - 3347

From Dry-Land Farming to Keramba: The Impact of Kedung Ombo Reservoir for Socio-Cultural Change in Wonoharjo, Indonesia

Authors : Abdul Muntholib

Abstract: This study aims to examine the effect and process of the keramba farming done by a number of local people around the Kedung Ombo reservoir. This study was conducted by way of participatory observation in which the researcher took part in the daily activities of the keramba fish-farmers in order to directly observe the cultural phenomena which emerged from the keramba fish farming operations at this location. This participatory observation resulted in numerous questions which eventually were dealt with the means of depth interviews in order to arrive at their significance. Research result indicate that typically the decision of the individual fish-farmer to engage the keramba fishery in Kedung Ombo is driven by a number of complex factors, both internal (from within the farmer’s community such as the scarcity of employment opportunities outside the uneconomical dry-land farming) as well as external (from outside community such as the inspiration that from the success of other keramba fish-farmers elsewhere). Same significant changes have been effected from fish farmers’ engagement in the keramba fisheries. The have become increasingly skillful and disciplined in allocating time: when to set up nurseries, show long to fatten the young when to harvest, all with a view to obtain the greatest possible efficiency and profit. The profit which is routinely acquired has in general improved their lives as it has allowed them to upgrade their houses to purchase motorcycles, radios, TV sets as well as to expand their businesses. The social implications of the keramba fish farms are also significant, particularly the opening of employment opportunities to local people with promises of improvement to their lives.

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Abdul Muntholib , 2016. From Dry-Land Farming to Keramba: The Impact of Kedung Ombo Reservoir for Socio-Cultural Change in Wonoharjo, Indonesia. The Social Sciences, 11: 3341-3347.

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