The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 13
Page No. 3391 - 3394

Spiritual Reasons of Crime in the Modern World

Authors : Sergei Zhinkin, Alexei Ovchinnikov, Magomed Abidov and Victor Zakharov

Abstract: The study here has considered the consequences of legal culture secularization of the world’s view in the modern world. The work has analyzed interrelations that have and continue to exist between legal nihilism, a crisis state of a feeling for law and orderwich is legal culture and spiritual and moral values that should be possessed by a modern person. The scientific literature devoted to the study of all legal sense believes that the reason of law-abidingness crisis in modern Russia now a days is the lack of punishment inevitability and only few people from the researchers pay attention to the act that crisis of legal sense and the growth of legal nihilism is global and only few people call spiritual crisis of the European person as the major reason. The authors prove the need for legislative definition of a “public moral” conception by which it is necessary to understand and abide by a set of traditional values, spiritual and moral ideas of the people of Russia about the welfare of society and every person in it, mercy, compassion, respect for neighbors, tolerance, truth and justice among others. The present research uses the methods of a philosophical and legal analysis of legal reality, ideas of religion philosophy, modern criminology. Certainly, economic, social and cultural factors of offenses commission are important and are considerable in thoughts, however, the main reason for the increase in the crime rate in the modern world is the loss of many spiritual truth and values of Christianity in the course of the Western world sexualization, the way of life, world view glorifying self-love, arrogance, hedonism, so-called human weaknesses. The bases of the orthodox culture should and must be studied at the schools and must definitely be the base of the basic values that the state will operate by.

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Sergei Zhinkin, Alexei Ovchinnikov, Magomed Abidov and Victor Zakharov, 2016. Spiritual Reasons of Crime in the Modern World. The Social Sciences, 11: 3391-3394.

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