The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 16
Page No. 3878 - 3885

Legal Framework for Fighting Social Deviations in Juvenile Justice Sphere

Authors : Nikoli V. Valuiskov

Abstract: The study describes the regulatory measures to combat social deviations in the field of juvenile justice and identifies significant weeknesses of programs aimed at juvenile delinquency prevention such as: absence of a legislative definition of social deviations prevention; the absence of fixed costs for the implementation of preventive measures for each case which makes impossible to monitor the effectiveness of a measure; the identification of the actual costs for the implementation of program activities with the budgetary expenditures on the functioning of the responsible public authorities which leads to leftover financing for the prevention of social deviations; absense of legally fixed criteria of effectiveness for planned preventive measures. The analysis of legislations that represent particular subject in the prevention of social deviations has been carried out. The causes of failure in the implementation of social deviations prevention in the juvenile environment have been identified, the current state of preventive measures in this field and problems of their legal regulation have been analyzed. The study presents a set of non-punitive and punitive measures against social deviances as well as measures for the establishment of a new, more progressive balance that meets the social needs for limited self-reproduction of social deviations.

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Nikoli V. Valuiskov , 2016. Legal Framework for Fighting Social Deviations in Juvenile Justice Sphere. The Social Sciences, 11: 3878-3885.

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