The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 17
Page No. 4069 - 4084

The Model of Inclusiveeducation Policy Based on Friendly School to Realizethe Children Comfort City

Authors : Maryono

Abstract: This research was related to policy research with a qualitative descriptive approach. The information and social situation were natural. The researcher tried to describe the implementation of the policy on Junior High School which providedthe inclusiveservicesin Pacitan, East Java/ Jawa Timur province, Indonesia viewed from the input, the outcome and the impacts of the implementation of the inclusive education system by school based children-friendly toward the town of Pacitan as the eligible children city. The problem faced by the school wasthe plan of the policy could not be implemented by teachers and stakeholders effectively. The case made the researcher conducted this research. The study was designed to adapt the model of policy implementation adapted from Mazmanian and Sabatier in 1983. The techniques of collecting data were through observation, interview and documentation. The data validity as the credibility was tested by way of extension of observation, improved persistence and triangulation of sources and techniques. The data analysis techniques were adapted from Miles and Huberman in 1994, namely data reduction, data display andconclusion or verification. The results showed that the characteristics of issues related to human resources, curriculum, facilities andfunding, The support in the form of regulations was already exist but quality assurance has not been arranged effectively, Inclusive schools held still as a sample or an introduction, yet as the flagship program, There was a positive impact on the development of affective regular student and the student crew. Thus, it was necessary strategic steps in preparing the children-friendly inclusive schools based on regular schools with socio-cultural-based participatory approach.

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Maryono , 2016. The Model of Inclusiveeducation Policy Based on Friendly School to Realizethe Children Comfort City. The Social Sciences, 11: 4069-4084.

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