The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 17
Page No. 4295 - 4300

Advanced Technological Factors of Information Sharing for Government Organizations

Authors : Y. Eman and Huda

Abstract: Electronic Information Sharing (EIS) means sharing the information electronically by using ICT such as internet, email, phone, mobile and websites. Electronic information sharing can help the decision makers to make better and faster decisions and can speed up the delivering of government services. Despite its benefits, EIS causes many challenges in public organizations. One of the biggest challenges in EIS is technological barrier including the challenges occur in sharing information with different formats of data storage and platforms in different organizations. This research proposes advanced technological factors to increase the participation of electronic information sharing in public sector. These advanced technological factors are data warehouse and cloud computing.

How to cite this article:

Y. Eman and Huda , 2016. Advanced Technological Factors of Information Sharing for Government Organizations. The Social Sciences, 11: 4295-4300.

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