The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 18
Page No. 4495 - 4503

Community Development for Improving Communication Politics in National Development Framework

Authors : Indra Muchlis Adnan

Abstract: Empowerment of civil society participation or ‘civil society’ is a powerful tool in determining the direction and development policies in order to improve political communication in the framework of national development in the future, this involvement will have a positive impact on the decisions and measures taken or to be implement because it can build synergy between the government and the society itself. This research proposes a model of community empowerment that can enhance political communication that will affect the national development. Method used writing this study is a qualitative method is a method that emphasizes on the collection with analysis of written texts of secondary data and supplemented by primary data (statements, interviews, stories, confession). The approach used in writing this study uses the perspective of national security with the analysis of the various disciplines (interdisciplinary). Methods and benchmarks approach is community empowerment method for doing the work, will make people become passive, less creative and helpless, even educating people to rely on government assistance or voluntary organizations aid. In contrast, the method of doing work with, stimulate people to become active and dynamic and able to identify where the needs of nature-estate needs, felt needs and the expected need. The concept is expected to be a bridge rising political communication in national development between the public and the government in any development agenda both nationally and locally.

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Indra Muchlis Adnan , 2016. Community Development for Improving Communication Politics in National Development Framework. The Social Sciences, 11: 4495-4503.

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