The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 4
Page No. 480 - 486

The Absolute Ban on Torture and the International Treaties and Obligations of Governments

Authors : Ahmad Reza Behniafar, Soheil Kabiri and Leyla Badri

Abstract: Human societies have always exercised inhumane treatment against persons including the behaviors. For this both mental and somatic people and puts them in a very difficult situation should be noted that the kind of behavior at law criminal under title Torture Case Discuss This. The study shows that the phenomenon of torture evolutionary history of the early days, it was common to different forms and different faces but it just has not appeared in ancient history like other anti-social phenomena. Torture and human rights violations against the sanctity and dignity of human behavior is. Torture including severe most in fact an international crime is a crime this crime on the one hand and on the other hand due to its relationship with government agents violated human rights, particularly in the domestic and international law is of considerable importance and sensitivity. The UN general assembly has condemned this practice and international law and domestic law that prohibits it must also be acknowledged that information. To hand the from this way lacking value legalis. Despite international efforts for the abolition of torture, inhumane practice still prevalent in the terrestrial world. One of the most important achievements of the international protection of human rights and the fight against torture is prohibited. The right to freedom from torture is an integral right to suspend the prohibition of torture is absolute. Given that the principle of the prohibition of torture in international law not only established according to the ordinary norms but also because of the importance of the protection of human dignity in times rule enhanced mandatory international law and recognized that because of its violation by any state under its international responsibility towards the international community. In this study, descriptive-analytical approach we try to relevant content examined and human rights of people in any situation, especially in the conditions of detention remain.

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Ahmad Reza Behniafar, Soheil Kabiri and Leyla Badri, 2016. The Absolute Ban on Torture and the International Treaties and Obligations of Governments. The Social Sciences, 11: 480-486.

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