The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 20
Page No. 4956 - 4964

Laos Cinema: Development and Assimilation in New Economic Mechanism Context

Authors : Preecha Sakorn

Abstract: In this study on Laos Cinema: Development and Assimilation in New Economic Mechanism Context, the researcher had design the research by using qualitative research. The data were collected from the document from the government organization and both the governmental and private educational institution, textbooks, researches, movies, videos and mainly from the field study. The objectives of this research are as follows: to study the development of Laos cinema. To study the assimilation of Laos cinema in the context under the new economic mechanism context. The sample group were chosen by using the purposive sampling method. The sample group was chosen by the Laos fiction filmswhich was produced from the year 1945-2015. The key informants of this research are Laos history experts, Laos cinema experts, the head of the department of cinema, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. The casual informants of this research are the producers of Laos cinema, the manager and organizer of the Laos cinema, the distributers and the public relations of Laos cinema through main stream media within Vientiane province as the main area since most of the informants resides within the province. The research tools consist of interview forms, observation forms and group discussion. It was found from the study that the development and the history of Laos cinema can be distinguished into 6 eras: Laos cinema during the colonization period which consist of the French colonization 1945-1954 1the United States of America colonization 1955-1974. Laos cinema the in the liberation period 1975-1985 Laos cinema under the New Economic Mechanism Context 1986-1990 Laos cinema during the restoration period 1991-2007 Laos cinema during the assimilation period and Laos cinema during the new wave period 2014-2015. The assimilation of the Laos cinema in the new economic mechanism context consist of 4 assimilating aspects: the assimilation of Laos cinema in technology and the production technics the assimilation of Laos cinema in of the ideas and the structure of story-telling the assimilation of Laos cinema in the objectives of the production and the assimilation Laos cinema in the producers and the distributors. This study is part of the dissertation for the Art and Culture Research program at KhonKaen University with the title "Laos Cinema: Development and Assimilation. In New Economic Mechanism Context" with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niyom Wongpongkham as the main advisor and Assistant Professor. Dr. SastraLaoakka as co-advisor.

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Preecha Sakorn , 2016. Laos Cinema: Development and Assimilation in New Economic Mechanism Context. The Social Sciences, 11: 4956-4964.

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