The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 4
Page No. 496 - 499

Service Efficiency as a Factor of Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions

Authors : I.Iu. Zhdankina, Iu.Iu. Sysoeva and E.A. Shamin

Abstract: Education in society is one of the main sources of economic growth, social stability and a prerequisite for the economy modernization. When speaking about educational services as a product provided by higher education institutions to the population, enterprises and other organizations, it should be noted that this category contains both the quantitative component that bears economic effectiveness and the qualitative component which is expressed in the quality of the formed competences and acquired knowledge and skills of the graduates of the educational institution representing a competitive product in the market of educational services. The effectiveness of higher education institutions is one of the indicators of their competitiveness. Currently, educational institutions acquire increasingly the characteristics of commercial organizations by providing educational services which can serve as sources of additional funding for educational institutions in the implementation of financial and economic activities in the market of educational services. Social effect of educational services is whether the university copes with its main task, namely the provision of the labor market with highly trained staff, who find work in their specialty in the 1st year. From the standpoint of the state interests, the implementation of educational programs has both direct and indirect effects. The main task of the management of the educational organization is to provide a wide range of educational services with different types of ratios of educational services effects to meet the needs of both the population and the state in general as well as to attract additional sources of financing by increasing the share of the economic component when providing a number of educational services.

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I.Iu. Zhdankina, Iu.Iu. Sysoeva and E.A. Shamin, 2016. Service Efficiency as a Factor of Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions. The Social Sciences, 11: 496-499.

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