The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 21
Page No. 5116 - 5122

The World of the past Century and Modern China (On the Basis of Scientific Materials Russian Faculty of Law in Harbin)

Authors : Pavel Dudin

Abstract: It is based on the works of teachers-Russian Faculty of Law in Harbin first wave emigrants (1920-1937). The researcher draws a parallel between the state of domestic and foreign policy of China in 1920-1930’s and present days. These works were chosen as the subject of research due to the fact that at Harbin Faculty of Law for the first time in the history of Russian science the Chinese state and the law were systematically studied and the results of this study are relevant to this day. The issues of China’s changing relationship to Western culture and the vice versa, the differences between Western and Eastern perceptions of the right, place and role of the state in society as well as other social transformations that were/are going through the Chinese state are analyzed. An attempt was made to identify the key priorities of domestic policy of Chinese leadership which after 90 years have not lost their importance and in some cases-have received a "second wind". By comparison, the author emphasizes the continuity in these areas, despite the change of eras and political regimes. The characteristic features of Chinese society, highlighting the specificity of the state policy of China against the leading world powers are distinguished. Attention is paid to the role and place of China in the area of the Asia-Pacific region as well as its relations with the European powers and the United States. The particular importance is given to the Russian-Chinese relations which despite the lack of major military conflicts in the nearly 400 year history of the relationship can hardly be called definitely smooth, same as China’s policy towards Russia country can be called friendly and open.

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Pavel Dudin , 2016. The World of the past Century and Modern China (On the Basis of Scientific Materials Russian Faculty of Law in Harbin). The Social Sciences, 11: 5116-5122.

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