The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 22
Page No. 5365 - 5372

Study of the Cost and Revenue Increase in Iran Health Insurance Organization

Authors : S.F. Shafipour, A. Sarlak and H. Mousavi

Abstract: Health is one of the important preconditions for the welfare and social security system the lack of which can cause people to bear many financial pressures. Hence, it is not surprising that funding the public health is one of the main concerns of health policy makers. Health is a universal right that the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has accepted it as one of the basic principles. New views of scientists regard human as Haman capital shows logical economic importance of health perhaps this is the main reason for the allocation of significant resources for health. Hence, the timely payment of expenses and adequate monitoring of the provided services (quantitative and qualitative) is important in improving the quality of medical services. About >90% of the Iranian people are under the coverage of at least one kind of health insurance. Investigating the sources of revenue and costs of Health Insurance Fund in 2004-2013 represent the source fluctuations and treatment uses in the community covered by the organization that make lack of timely payment of the costs of care to the medical centers having contracts with the organization and affects the service utility provided to the insured people. In this study, Sources and uses treatment of health insurance have investigated and have evaluated the relationship between the allocated resources and actual costs. The factors that are considered in this study are the bases for formulating of hypotheses are: resources (revenues), medical expenses, per capita approved and performance treatment with a breakdown of the funds.

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S.F. Shafipour, A. Sarlak and H. Mousavi, 2016. Study of the Cost and Revenue Increase in Iran Health Insurance Organization. The Social Sciences, 11: 5365-5372.

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