The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 22
Page No. 5434 - 5439

Involution Politics (Study of the United Development Party (PPP) on Electoral Legislative Reform Era in South Sulawesi)

Authors : Muhammad Yahya, M. Tahir Kasnawi and Imam Mujahidin Fahmid

Abstract: This study uses constructivism with a qualitative approach, namely to produce descriptive data on the spoken word and the observed behaviour of political actors who fought in the realm of PPP South. Strategy this research is a case study focusing on hermeneutics. The results showed; Konstestasi (internal conflict) PPP remains strong internal conflicts among political parties manifested into elements of the PPP 1973; NU, Parmusi, PSII and Perti. Reform Era internal Konstestasi (internal conflict), switch from elements of ideological cadres and cadres to convert to Islam. On the external side, PPP Konstestasi (internal conflict) confronted with competition among fellow political parties that participated in the public elections. PPP is no longer the only Islamic party but also contesting against opponents that also Islamic political parties such as PKB, PBB, PNUI. In addition, there is a political party with Islamic communitiesas its base such as PAN and PKB. Other political rival PPP in politics is a political party with ideology and nationalist and christian base. Political actor with a political habitus strength in him, plus the ability to accumulate capital strength in Bourdie concept, ie., social capital, economic capital, cultural capital and symbolic capital and went to fight in the realm of electoral politics as they are the winner of the political competition. The process of creating habitus actor there who go through the process of socialization in the family environment, play and organizing environment at school and processed in the party’s internal politics. Konstestasi (Internal contest conflict) internal fellow faction members, less prominent because of the faction members must exhibit theirhabitus strength with the accumulation of capital they have, to make the debate and discussion in the meetings of the commission, the committee or plenary can accept the proposal, suggestions and ideas of PPP then be a joint decision with the Parliament who is the whole faction in the parliament of South Sulawesi.

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Muhammad Yahya, M. Tahir Kasnawi and Imam Mujahidin Fahmid, 2016. Involution Politics (Study of the United Development Party (PPP) on Electoral Legislative Reform Era in South Sulawesi). The Social Sciences, 11: 5434-5439.

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