The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 23
Page No. 5643 - 5647

Womens Emigration from Russia Factors, Trends, Geography

Authors : Sergey Ryazantsev and Svetlana Sivoplyasova

Abstract: The stduy analyzes the problem of women’s emigration from Russia. Geography of women’s departure from Russia is quite varied. Regionally the dynamics of women’s emigration from Russia has significant differences. There are both the leading regions on level of women’s emigration and the regions where women do not participate in immigration processes. However, it is extremely difficult to observe real potential stakes of Russian women’s departure to one or another country. Firstly, they can come over from one country to another. And secondly, there is illegal migration, in which Russian women are actively involved and flows of which cannot be observed. Therefore, there is the need to analyze not only Russian but also international statistics. The study has analyzed the dynamics of women’s emigration abroad, the age pattern of emigration flows. It has also revealed the regional specific features of women’s emigration from Russia. The study has determined the leading regions on level of women’s emigration abroad and also the regions where women are poorly involved in emigration processes. Moreover, it has presented the classification of the regions by intensity of women’s departure from the regions abroad. The study has determined the main directions of women’s emigration from Russia and the countries which are most attractive for women leaving a country. It has analyzed the sectors of employment of Russian women abroad. It has determined migration threats. Human trafficking is the most dangerous. The channels of recruitment of women are various but traditional. Firstly, they are presented by all sorts of job advertisements abroad. That means that recruitment of women today is not connected with their secret stealing. Slave merchants use victim’s trustingness and their poor knowledge of the laws of their own country and a country of destination. Going into the system of international human trafficking, women and girls are almost always subjected to sexual exploitation. The study presents the methods of recruitment of Russian women and the recommendations on combating human trafficking. The given data are the official statistics, namely, "tip of the iceberg". At the same time, many women are abroad illegally or semi-legally. That means that they form illegal migration, hidden from official statistical accounting. The stakes of this migration are difficult for being estimated. It is only approximately possible using the substituted data.

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Sergey Ryazantsev and Svetlana Sivoplyasova, 2016. Womens Emigration from Russia Factors, Trends, Geography. The Social Sciences, 11: 5643-5647.

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