The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Page No. 579 - 584

Insurance Fraud: Factors, Identification Problems, Counteraction

Authors : Elvira A. Rusetskaja, Mikhail G. Rusetskiy, Galina K. Rybina and Oxana N. Chuvilova

Abstract: The study is devoted to complex research of insurance fraud problems. As a result of research, it is proved that the branch of property insurance is the most demanded among the Russian swindlers. On the basis of researcher’s social research results factors of insurance fraud in the considered insurance market segment of the Stavropol City are revealed. Ways of overcoming and reduction illegal actions of insurers within implementation of the insurance contract are reasoned. For research objective achievement the essence of insurance fraud is considered by researchers, examples of economic damage of large insurance frauds commission in Russia and abroad are given; insurance fraud commission possibility facts are analyzed; problems in this segment are revealed and ways of their solving are planned. In research the phenomenon of insurance fraud in Russia and abroad is analyzed by means of comparative and analytical methods. Results of the conducted population survey of the Stavropol City in relation to insurance fraud in property insurance are presented. The directions of insurance fraud facts minimization by means of creating and using an integrated approach to solution of this problem are proved.

How to cite this article:

Elvira A. Rusetskaja, Mikhail G. Rusetskiy, Galina K. Rybina and Oxana N. Chuvilova, 2016. Insurance Fraud: Factors, Identification Problems, Counteraction. The Social Sciences, 11: 579-584.

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