The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 25
Page No. 6116 - 6123

Abstract: The research describes different types of ancient democracy through the prism of freedom, equality and justice concepts. Emergence and development of liberal and social democracy, civil society, representative democracy, executive, legislative and judicial government main components in Mod ern history are shown. The article also depicts social relations diversity and substance, adherence to group, hierarchical norms and values, specialty of civil society development, the national idea postulates, integrative ideology influence on democracy phenomenon in modern conditions.

How to cite this article:

M.Sh. Hassanov, V.F. Petrova, G.G. Nurysheva, A.S. Syrgakbayeva Syrgykbaeva, D.M. Azhusubalieva, B.A. Dzhaambaeva and D.R. Shaidulina, 2016. The Study of Democracy Phenomenon of Modernity. The Social Sciences, 11: 6116-6123.

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