The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 25
Page No. 6178 - 6184

The Impact of the West and Modernism on the Persian Paintings of Flowers and Birds

Authors : Zahra Hosseinabadi and Hossein Ahmadi

Abstract: Flower and bird painting is a form of Iranian art who se registration has been put off for so long. This type of painting includes two simple elements which could be found all over the world, namely flowers and bird. To develop this form of paintings, Iranian artists have been inspired by Chinese paintings. Flower and Bird painting reached its pinnacle in Safavid era, a period that is contemporary with botanical paintings in Europe. However, botanical paintings were more assumed as a scientific depiction rather than a form of art. European painters aimed to draw the plants precisely as they were. Iranian background in literature signifies that this form of art belongs to Iran as well, however, negligence of Iranian officials led to a point where demonstration of this belonging took a lot of effort and pain. In this study, the social situation of the 12 and 13th centuries (Hijri calendar) as well as the impact of the Western art on Iranian paintings will be the point of focus. It seems that the form and content European mode of painting and Modernism had a major influence on Iranian painting in 11 and 13th centuries, yet with respect flower and bird painting, this influence has been form-related.

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Zahra Hosseinabadi and Hossein Ahmadi, 2016. The Impact of the West and Modernism on the Persian Paintings of Flowers and Birds. The Social Sciences, 11: 6178-6184.

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