The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6219 - 6226

The Impact of Educating Astronomy in Everyday Life

Authors : Ashrafoalsadat Shekarbaghani

Abstract: Astronomy is one of the few scientific fields that interacts directly with society. This research has been done by the attitude which to prepare a spacious guidance curriculum for astronomy educating in secondary educational level. So, the present research has a developmental goal and methodologically it has been done by diacritical analytical method. And according to the content it has been done by the culture and civilization of Islam and proportionate to the daily needs of the modern world science to be able to note about the future scientifically, economical and social needs. Clifford Geertz’s interpretive theory is the theoretical framework of this research. Structural, functional, semiotics and semantics of the studied phenomena have superior importance for this theory. We would be faced with these four elements on the cultural, religious and educational level in this study too. So, the present study tries to interpret the commercial situation of astronomy, religious culture and curriculum. For data gathering we used library and documental technique in this research. The used documents include finished projects reports, articles, books, theses, national curriculum and final basic evolution of educational system in Islamic republic of Iran. Meanwhile the most important concluded findings are the creation of the preparing the needed science for the compilation of astronomy affect everyday life with the other curriculum.

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Ashrafoalsadat Shekarbaghani , 2016. The Impact of Educating Astronomy in Everyday Life. The Social Sciences, 11: 6219-6226.

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