The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6255 - 6260

Semantic Evolution of Rogue Rend in Mystical Persian Literature

Authors : Mohammad Reza Bakhtiyari

Abstract: The word "Rend" is widely used in mystical literature, triggering a host of studies by poets as well as critics. Mystic poets Render the word Rend differently, sometimes negative yet other times positive, giving it a wide range of meanings, such as love-stricken, aversion from asceticism, shrewdness, hatred of fame and libertarianism. The present study traces the semantic evolution of Rend in the works of Saadi, Hafez, Attar, Sanaei and Khajo Kermani to reveal the depth of variations in its meaning. Undoubtedly, a close analysis and comparison of the meaning of rend as employed by different mystic poets will the help critics avoid hasty interpretations and misunderstandings of social and mystic teachings of mystic poets. Thus, the present study examines semantic variations of rend and their acceptability in mystic poetry.

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Mohammad Reza Bakhtiyari , 2016. Semantic Evolution of Rogue Rend in Mystical Persian Literature. The Social Sciences, 11: 6255-6260.

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