The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6276 - 6282

Exclusive Social Rights of Wife in Islam on the Basis of Civil Law of Iran

Authors : Javad Shayanfar and Mostafa Farzanjoo

Abstract: The sacred religion of Islam has particularly attended the wife and the related rights issue and has always tries to codify rules apposite for the personality of women in different Ayahs and quotations protect their rights. In a general classification of the exclusive-social rights of woman which is obtained under the social life it is divided into two parts of general and special. General right refers to the rights that men and women mutually benefit from (although with partial differences) such as ownership right, occupation right but special rights are rights that exclusively belong to the women community and in fact they are points assigned by the sacred religion of Islam to women and these rights can also be divided into material and spiritual rights. Material rights such as alimony, dowry and spiritual rights such as protecting the munificence of woman, apposite behavior towards woman etc. In the present study which is a descriptive-analytic study conducted via library method the authors intend to analyze the exclusive-social rights of women in two parts of material and spiritual. Among the main questions of the present study is whether Islam has considered special social rights and advantages for women as an influential part of the Islamic society and whether the civil law of Iran has attended these rights in codifying rules in this respect the hypothesis formulated in the present study is that the sacred religion of Islam and accordingly the civil law of Iran in addition to the mutual rights of men and women a number of exclusive rights such as dowry and alimony have been considered in accord with the prestige and personality of women.

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Javad Shayanfar and Mostafa Farzanjoo, 2016. Exclusive Social Rights of Wife in Islam on the Basis of Civil Law of Iran. The Social Sciences, 11: 6276-6282.

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