The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6283 - 6288

Role of Evaluation in Improving Quality and Planning in Higher Education System

Authors : Fatemeh Ghanaatian Jahromi and Ali Ghanaatian Jahromi

Abstract: Higher education system, as a leading and policy determining system, is able to pave the way for development in social, cultural and, human dimensions and affect other areas. Awareness of degree of realization of Higher education goals and knowing about shortcomings and status quo are basic tools that can help decision-makers, policy-makers and planners in order to improve the methods and achieve to goals and increased efficiency. Universities are among the most important institutions and communities that need them and transparency, accountability and quality improvement are needed in them. Dynamism and growth in higher education require monitoring and evaluation. Evaluation has been considered as a method for increasing social output of higher education as well as the mechanism for accreditation, the rational allocation of funds, public accountability, informing the stakeholders, assurance of the realization of goals and continuous improvement. Given the extent of the activities of the educational system, evaluation of programs, staff and services, educational organizations can play key role in providing educational quality. The main goal of performance evaluation is access to accurate information about the performance of staff. This information has several advantages such as speeding up the decision-making process by showing the strengths and weaknesses of the various operations, accountability of officials, increasing the sense of solidarity and loyalty, enhancing leadership power of managers, better communication between managers and staff, identifying remedial approaches and goal-oriented educational programs.

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Fatemeh Ghanaatian Jahromi and Ali Ghanaatian Jahromi, 2016. Role of Evaluation in Improving Quality and Planning in Higher Education System. The Social Sciences, 11: 6283-6288.

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