The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6350 - 6354

Role of Iranian Physicians in Flourishing Islamic Civilization

Authors : Yadulah` Sepehri

Abstract: Flourishing civilization was obtained by cooperating of physicians, teachers, philosophers groups and all of scientists in fields of science, culture with different nationalities. In meantime Iranian physicians in cause of illustrious background in medical science in ancient ages of Iran had significant role in developing medical science in Islamic civilization. Iranian physicians at the beginning of Muslim conquest of Persia are at service of Muslims and through publishing book, translation, training students and curing people and caliphs served Islamic culture and civilization famous physician such as Bakhtyashu which graduated from Jundishapur and with their works because transferring medical experiments of other civilizations to Islamic world. The books which Jundishapur’s physician published and translated were part of initial books which entered into Islamic civilization. Their publications were resources of famous physicians such as Zakaria Razi. Zakaria Razi and Abu Ali Sina that are most indexes Iranian physicians in Islamic world, helps to flourishing Islamic Civilization through their publishes and patents and medical discoveries which were unbeatable. Present research with descriptive-survey method and according to library resources dealt with role of Iranian physicians in flourishing Islamic civilization. Achieved results from this article shows that Iranian physicians had effective role in developing and flourishing in Islamic world in medical field through constructing hospital, translation and publishing many different books about ophthalmology, pharmacy, anatomy and specially their researches and publishes about leprosy, different between smallpox and measles, women illnesses spiritual illnesses, clinical medicine were part of initial researches conducted in Islamic world.

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Yadulah` Sepehri , 2016. Role of Iranian Physicians in Flourishing Islamic Civilization. The Social Sciences, 11: 6350-6354.

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