The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 27
Page No. 6405 - 6412

Agent-Centered Military Doctrines on Asymmetric Warfare as a New Approach

Authors : Seyed Ali Mortazavian Farsani and Ali Asghar Agha Balazadeh

Abstract: Military doctrine play a crucial role at various levels (strategic, operational and tactical) to describe and explain military approach of states such as how to mobilize and support involved forces, describe and illustrate the campaign, explain the best approaches to drive forces. Military doctrine with an agent centrality and approach is considered as the main core of forming practices of military operations on asymmetric warfare. In this research, researchers have tried to introduce agent-centered military doctrines on asymmetric warfare as well as providing an appropriate model for that. The research approach was inductive and it was done in a qualitative way. According to grounded theory, data collection has been done through interview, reviewing relevant documents and theorizing based on systematic approach in three main steps: open coding, axial coding and selective coding. Findings have been organized in 53 categories and 6 contents (propositions); the position and relations of each content have been determined in the paradigm model and six related theorems have been extracted. In order to explain the pattern of agent-centered military doctrines, sex contents include asymmetric environment (casual conditions; agent-centered doctrine (central category); information technology and communication, logistics, social networks an media (intervening conditions) idea, cultural, social, ideological ideas (context and underlying); leadership development, education system based on asymmetric warfare, mythologize and create authority, discoursing based on ideology purposes, symbolization (actions and interaction strategies) should be noticed so that it can finally leads to the contents of agent-centered doctrine (outcome). Accordingly, it has been provided the final model of agent-centered military doctrine on asymmetric warfare and six final relevant propositions.

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Seyed Ali Mortazavian Farsani and Ali Asghar Agha Balazadeh, 2016. Agent-Centered Military Doctrines on Asymmetric Warfare as a New Approach. The Social Sciences, 11: 6405-6412.

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