The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 27
Page No. 6427 - 6432

Tracing the Civilizational Thought of Hassan Al-Bana

Authors : Mustafa Cheragheian Rad

Abstract: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most effective contemporary Islamic movements that since long time has emerged in that country and consequently in some other Arabic countries. Looking at the beliefs, thoughts and civilizational performances of Hassan al-Bana as the founder of that party could be an attempt to revive Islamic thought and civilization. The basis of forming his civilizational thought could be considered the lack of sense of independence of nations and their lack of self-esteem against colonizers and foreign nations, separation of religion from politic, fixism and lack of understanding of the requirements of time and place and faulty interpretations from government and Islam (Islamic Caliphate) as well as functions of Hasan al-Bana in the reconstruction of revival of Islamic thought can be named in fighting against colonialists, restoring caliphate and finally the establishment of Islamic rule.

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Mustafa Cheragheian Rad , 2016. Tracing the Civilizational Thought of Hassan Al-Bana. The Social Sciences, 11: 6427-6432.

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