The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 27
Page No. 6587 - 6590

Analysis of “Formal Elements” in the Advice Letter of Tansar

Authors : Asieh Zabihnia Emran

Abstract: Tansar was a Platonic religious piety that had abandoned monarchy and had a secluded life. According to the Pahlavi, Arabic and Farsi text’s narratives he is one of the people who have played a significant role in the enthronement of Ardashir. Also with help of his consoling letter he offered his wisdom to Ardashir. This Zahid in his advice letters expresses his forthright opinions, religious beliefs, political, social and other ideas. By studying the letter of advice, the knowledge of this character about different religious, social issues can be realized. Ibn Esfandiar is a writer of late 6th century and early seventh century. He translated letters of advice of Tanser into Persian. In translation of Ibn Esfandiar advice letters of Tansar have three parts: It is formed of starter, main and end-written text, each of the three sections includes subsidiary parts. Rhetorical tone can be observed in the letters of Tansar. But his Rhetorical tone has specific fluency and simplicity. However, sometimes Tansar deals with the main point from the beginning without addressing. Also passion is one of the most beautiful parts of the letter. Expectations as usual can be seen in the ending of the letters. This study examines the elements, structure, principal and subsidiary organs of letter of Tansar.

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Asieh Zabihnia Emran , 2016. Analysis of “Formal Elements” in the Advice Letter of Tansar. The Social Sciences, 11: 6587-6590.

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