The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Page No. 661 - 671

Civil Society Activism for Democracy and Peace-Building in Sri Lanka

Authors : Mohammad Agus Yusoff and Athambawa Sarjoon

Abstract: In democracy and peace discourses activism of civil society organizations plays vital roles. Civil society organizations take intermediary roles between state and citizens in linking them for peaceful existence and democratic governance. Therefore, civil society activism is emphasized by many scholars and actors in post-colonial or post-conflict democratization process. A strong civil society can contribute to an affective state that can protect people’s human rights, support economic development and tackle corruption, build peace and democratic governance. However, the role of civil society in newly emerged or developing democracies has always been questioned due to it inefficiency in making democracy success and keeping lasting societal peace. This research analyzes nature and the trends of civil society activism with regards to democratization and peace-building process in Sri Lanka. Finding of the study reveals that the civil society organizations are fragmented and weak in nature and their advocacy for democracy and peace-building process has always been challenged and criticized by the intense of ongoing violent ethnic conflict and civil war situation and the non-supportive conditions imposed by the government authorities in Sri Lanka. This study further identifies the necessity of rebuilding and strengthening civil society institutions advocating to promote and protect democratic governance and sustainable all inclusive peace in Sri Lanka. This study is descriptive and interpretive in nature and only the secondary data were used for the analysis.

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Mohammad Agus Yusoff and Athambawa Sarjoon, 2016. Civil Society Activism for Democracy and Peace-Building in Sri Lanka. The Social Sciences, 11: 661-671.

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