The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Page No. 688 - 697

Typology of the Archetype of the House in Samples of Modern Prose

Authors : Alyona S. Afanasyeva Aslan Zh. Zhaxylykov and Natalya K. Sarsekeeva

Abstract: The archetype the house in modern prose is functioned rather actively. It has philosophical and esthetic filling which testifies to existence of deeply and well thought-out author’s strategy. On the one hand, the archetype the house is participated in creation of the implanted national language picture of the world. On the other hand, acting as criterion it characterizes deeply happened processes of social, moral delimitation of the people who are differently perceived the processes of economic industrial formation of bases of society. Such role is implemented an archetype the house in V. Rasputin’s story “Farewell to Matyora”. Catholicity of a paradigmatic image of the house in the story of V. Rasputin is that he allows to carry out a complex analysis of an inner spiritual world of the main character of work to reveal the main values of this world to emphasize universal, universal qualities of the personality which as the author is shown, society mustn’t be lost by no means. The intrinsic esthetic role is carried out by an archetype image of the house and in I. Shukhov’s works. On the one hand it characterizes ethno-cultural feature of life of the Siberian Cossacks, on the other hand, opens spiritual and psychological meaning of basic archetypes in formation of an inner world of the romantic hero in love with life in its beauty, dynamics, polychromy. There is a little differently presented the archetype the house in prose of the Russian-speaking writer of Kazakhstan-Herold Belger. The paradigmatic image of the German house is urged to function in its works as a symbolical marker of traditional German ethnoculture, a basic archetype, round of which there is arisen inevitably all difficult context of subculture with its religious, folklore, psychological attributes. Loss of this subculture in Russia and Kazakhstan is drama represented by the writer.

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Alyona S. Afanasyeva Aslan Zh. Zhaxylykov and Natalya K. Sarsekeeva, 2016. Typology of the Archetype of the House in Samples of Modern Prose. The Social Sciences, 11: 688-697.

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