The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page No. 815 - 820

Clarifying the Role of Charismatic Leadership of Imam Khomeini

Authors : Doostali Sanchooli and Mohamadreza Pordeli

Abstract: Lordship charisma is one of the legitimacy of the political system. The charisma has the characteristic abilities to their followers possessed supernatural, superhuman or at least exceptional. These characteristics are species that are not accessible for the general population but their sources are the unique divine. Accordingly, the person is considered as leader. Imam khomeini due to extraordinary and exceptional features and symptoms were placed in the eyes of the Iranian people as charisma leader in social and political arena. Iranian society due to the wrong policies of pahlavi regime crisis that brought the emergence of the charismatic movement helped and symptoms charismatic people in the personality of Imam khomeini and they believed their abilities were unique properties and faith and it paid to endorse any particular emotional relationship was established between the Imam and people.

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Doostali Sanchooli and Mohamadreza Pordeli, 2016. Clarifying the Role of Charismatic Leadership of Imam Khomeini. The Social Sciences, 11: 815-820.

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